Rock Star Cew PictureA Little About Concrete Mystique

In 2003 Rick Lobdell moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he was introduced to the decorative concrete industry. Within 3 years he took over the company, Concrete Mystique Engraving, and started turning his new trade into an art form. Currently Rick is well known worldwide for his decorative concrete designs. He has had multiple articles in national magazines, a segment on Tennessee Crossroads and The Concrete Show, and was invited to demonstrate his skills at the 2011 World of Concrete’s Artistry in Concrete. He also owns a concrete furniture company called Gallery Mystique.

Over the last 8 years he has watched this industry change and grow at an amazing rate. In his opinion, the one element that the industry is missing is more true artists. He has used his degree very successfully in a non-traditional setting and feels that it can, and will be implemented as a norm in decorative concrete in the coming years. Industry professionals are just beginning to realize how to integrate a fully educated artist. Currently decorative concrete controls most of his creativity and time. He is hoping to merge more of his artwork and his concrete work together. This will bring two completely different industries together and will allow him to introduce decorative concrete to the artworld and the artworld to decorative concrete.

I would like to introduce you to the major players in the Concrete Mystique Band. This crew ROCKS!

Rick Lobdell:

I have an MFA in painting from SCAD. I have never poured concrete, nor do I have any intentions on learning how to. I am a designer for decorative concrete. I look at spaces and try to imagine a composition that fits. It is not always about whether I am trying to make a great piece of art as much as finding unique ways to improve the design of a space. I like to collaborate with interior/landscape designers. I look at my team as a band because I have to constantly remember that I can’t do everything myself. It takes a team and each team member, like a band, has a very significant role.


Eloise OrbinEloise Orbin:

Eloise is the backbone of the company. She does everything behind the scenes and even works on jobs. She answered the phone, organized my schedule, and helped me paint the cloak on the phantom floor of the dinner theatre all at the same time. It is great to have someone you can trust to run the company and ask to help out on a jobsite.





Joe DrakeJoe Drake:

I am an artist working in decorative concrete who never learned how to pour concrete. When my business started to grow I decided I needed to get into the pouring part of decorative concrete. Instead of trying to learn the hardest part about concrete, pouring, I decided to look for an expert. Joe has 20 years of heavy commercial and residential concrete work experience. He’s an ACI certified finisher and has an extensive back ground in flat work, cast in place retaining walls, bridge construction, as well as a lot of the stack stone and block retaining wall systems. Joe has spent the last 10 to 12 years learning and working with most of the overlay concrete products on the market. He knows the products and can put the best material with the job to be done. He also does a lot of stamped concrete with a variety of color applications. Joe really enjoys trying to find a way to salvage old concrete versus having to tear it out and then dispose of it.

Ryan Samford:

Ryan owns Epofloors and focuses on dyes and metallic epoxy projects. When I have a question about what coating should be used I call Ryan. When I work on interior projects I assume he will be involved with the final coating. We butt heads constantly, even in front of clients, to make sure we are using the best methods for every job we work together on. For having two completely different companies we do more work together than we do on our own. Check out



Brendon Lapier:

Brendon and I met 5 years ago while working on the board for a non-profit theater group. I hired him after realizing how much we had in common. I quickly found out that he was capable of drawing and implementing any design I could come up with. One of the hardest things about what I do is being the only one capable of handling the designs I come up with. Brendon gave me the ability to handle multiple difficult designs at the same time. He has a BA in choreography and non-profit business with a minor in photography from Mercyhurst College in New York. Brendon and I have also started a second company called Gallery Mystique where we design concrete furniture. In his spare time he is also a principal ballet dancer. I was a professional ballroom dancer in my spare time. I think you can begin to see all the reasons why we get along so well.

Mike Samford:

Mike has been in the decorative concrete industry for over 25 years. He has more art degrees than anyone I know. As the owner of The Design Center, Mike pursues extremely difficult countertops and architectural sculptures. We have a great time discussing jobs that we get to collaborate on because, as artists, we have completely different methods to our madness.




Chris Butler:

Chris has worked for Concrete Mystique for 4 years now. He has been a great help to the team on every job.